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Temco Tool Facility

Since 1963, Temco Tool has been machining precision piece parts and providing value-added services for the aerospace, defense, medical, space and other industries like yours.

You can trust Temco for your complex geometry and stringent tolerance parts. We have established an enduring reputation for unyielding pride in our quality craftsmanship, and for delivering those products when you need them.

50,000 Square Foot Climate Controlled Precision Machine Shop

Award Winning Innovative Manufacturer of Complex Machined Components

Stat-of-the_art Equipment

5-Axis CNC Machining

Temco Features state-of-the art 5-axis CNC machine work, milling and turning. Temco also offers Electrical Discharge machining: Wire and Sinker machining and small hole EDM. Tolerances to .0001" can be achieved for your most precise components.

Your One Stop Shop for Machining

EDM Technology

By blending the technology of our traditional high precision mold and die manufacturing experiences with the capabilities of Wire Sinker EDM machining, Temco provides you with a "one stop" supplier source with our full suite of CNC Machining centers and modern metrology combined with sub-assembly services.

Alloy Materials

CMM Metrology

For your most intricate products, Temco can inspect high engineered piece parts machined from aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium. Further piece part inspecting capabilties include the use of optical, non-contact measurement equipment.