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Electrical Discharge Machining

TEMCO™'s skilled machinist and operators leverage Wire and Sinker (RAM) Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) with interchangeable tooling capable of producing parts with ±.0001" tolerances.

By leveraging EDM machines, TEMCO™ is uniquely capable of machining tiny, difficult shapes and configurations. Materials like titanium, stainless steels, aluminum and heat-treated tool steels can be cut with pinpoint accuracy and efficiency. Generally, shops with only CNC milling are unable to achieve these difficult scenarios. However, TEMCO™ has decades of experience in EDM machining tapered holes to exact size, complex 4-Axis shapes, and parts with extreme precision that are burr-free. All EDM wire and sinker machines are in a climate controlled area with filtration systems for processing hazardous material and/or waste.

Wire EDM

TEMCO™ has (7) Sodick and Fanuc Wire EDM Machines

  • Cut Capacity: 20"L x 14"W x 16"H
  • Automatic Wire Threading
  • Submerged Cutting
  • Tapering to 45 degrees
  • Tolerance to ±.0001"


TEMCO™ operates (3) Sodick Ram CNC EDM Machines

  • Cut Capacity: 25.5"L x 17.7W" x 15"H
  • Blank Shapes
  • Exacting Compound Shapes
  • Cuts Materials Already Heat Treated With Efficiency

Small Hole EDM

Our facility has (1) Small Hole EDM Drilling Machine allowing our skilled machinists to drill holes in a variety of conductive materials quickly and accurately.

  • High Speed EDM Drilling
  • Hole Size: .011" to .040" Diameter
  • Long Deep Holes

Employee and Environmental Safety

By working with hazard elimination organizations TEMCO™ strives for world-class safety conditions within our facility to actively monitor and mitigate risks for employees, contractor and visitors. TEMCO™ also leverages environmental service organizations to sustainably manage recyclables and waste.